Hidden Magic is a modified version of the Mokume Gane technique. It’s advantages are more control over the outcome , a clear pattern or design and it also uses a lot less clay with less unusable leftovers.
The core of the technique is making a bunch of bulls eye canes. These are flattened and rolled through the pasta machine. After that the clay is impressed with a texture stamp. The upper layer is shaved of. The results are beautiful.

Blue-Pink – Ludmila Bakulina

YouTube tutorial: Ludmila Bakulina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J20gStlLD0E
My first Hidden Magic. I just loved the colors and had to try it out. The YouTube tutorial is very easy to follow. I used different colors of pink and blue mixed with pearl white, white and translucent. The contrast color is gold mixed with chocolate. I tried bronze as a contrast color later on and that works beautifully too.


This is a color pattern I invented myself because I simply love rainbows. Make a bullseye cane for every color in the rainbow and contrast these with black. The results are beautiful. The only negative for me was that I had to use large cutters to get all the colors in one pendant.

Green-Blue – TheHappyFamilyLife

YouTube tutorial: TheHappyFamilyLife https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED0IU5s7JXU  
I found a tutorial on YouTube with blue and green als main colors. The colors are so perfect with each other. The colors I used are Sculpey Premo Green, Sculpey Premo Accents Peacock Pearl (or Fimo Calypso Blue) and Fimo Pepermunt. I did soften the colors a bit by mixing them with a little white and glitter white for a little bling.